JerkLib Tutorial


JerkLib is an event-driven IRC library for Java. JerkLib can be downloaded from SourceForge.Net.


JerkLib can roughly be divided into two parts. First are the classes and interfaces used for making connections , speaking in channels etc. Everything else is an event type. Here is a list of important classes/interfaces and a brief description:

ConnectionManager is used to make new connections to servers. One instance of ConnectionManager can handle multiple server connections.
Session is a very important class as it is where most of your interaction with JerkLib will happen. A Session represents one IRC server. Session contains methods to join channels, send messages , and about everything else you need to interact with an IRC server.
IRCEvent is the base interface for all event types. The interfaces describes basic methods all events will have, like getSession getRawEventData etc.
Type is an Enum found in IRCEvent. A member of this Enum is used to identify events using event.getType().
IRCEventListener is one way to get notified of incoming events from a Session(connection).IRCEventListeners will be notified of all events generating from a Session it has been added to.
The task interface is another way to be notified of events. Unlike IRCEventListeners , tasks can filter the events they are notified of. Tasks also provide a cancel() method , this causes the task to not run again.

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